We Are Professional

Product development

Our goal is to increase our customers' productivity by developing and implementing powerful solutions, which utilize effective and user friendly products for the client server. We do this by providing packaged, yet customizable state-of-art technologies, proper training and 24 hours support for our products. We aim to continue developing and marketing a wide range of reliable, affordable and usable software products for the Internet and its users in the Indian market.

Components Develpment

Softvent is the premier Internet software component marketplace for the IT developer community worldwide. Our mission is to simplify application development by becoming the preeminent software component marketplace to provide services to IT professionals. As more and more companies embrace component reuse, we bring together technologies, people, products, resources and ideas to develop the marketplace and to become the premier component development company.

Website Designing

A website, as seen by your customers, must have a compelling look and feel that engages visitors and makes a lasting impact. Our professional designers give your site, the power to attract and hold the attention of your target audience while conforming to your brand image and integration with your marketing campaigns. Regardless of size and complexity, we can design a Web Site or Intranet that precisely fits your needs from a graphical design standpoint.

Web Hosting

When your Website or Intranet is ready to run, Softvent is ready with the skills and expertise to ensure problem-free implementation. Take advantage of our highly reliable and cost-effective hosting, which offers you state-of-art, high-availability Internet and secure Intranet site hosting and integrated services for relational databases, workgroup collaboration, streaming audio and video, management and monitoring, email and secure electronic commerce. With an uptime greater than 99.5 percent and network management available 24 hours a day, 7days a week, it gives you a service that transforms your business problems into powerful solutions.

Internet, Intranet and Extranet Development

Softvent puts the latest tools in the hands of our team of experts to give your solution the power it needs to perform critical business function. We conduct thorough testing for reliability, scalability and performance of all components in each solution throughout development and implementation. With a strong commitment to quality, our goal is to detect and eliminate problems before your solution is deployed.

E-Commerce Solutions

Softvent can apply a wealth of expertise to your e-commerce technology requirements,from COM and relational SQL database system to custom ActiveX, JAVA, and C++ programming and host integration, to implementation of-third party applications and security technologies. E-commerce solutions are integrated with your back-office legacy systems to ensure that your critical applications are secure and seamless. Tools such as MS Site Server are used for building and deploying sites, analysing, personalization and content-pushing services.

Our objective is to design, build and deliver an e-commerce site in a logical and organized manner that scales well over time, is as secure as you require and is easy to understand and maintain, both for administrators and users.

Consultancy Services

An expert advice is crucial when planning long-term strategies. Consultants help you understand why and how a process/application can be successful and hence enables you to make your services available across the world. Consultancy helps in defining objectives, processes and evaluating the success of your venture. At Softvent, you would be given lucid and feasible counsels, to help you to climb the pinnacle of business glory.