Softvent’s vRBS software is a simple and affordable Desktop based Room Booking Application with payments and customer management.

vRBS application can manage your day-to-day tasks of making reservations, administrate guest data, create invoices and more with ability to be customized to meet your needs.

vRBS features includes intuitively designed Dashboard and calendar and many more.



Dynamic Features

Reserve a Room in advance with check-in/check-out protocals.

Search for an available upon arival

View real-time availability of Rooms

Optimizes search results based on past use and preferences

Quick Room and Service Billing

 Quick Room and Service Billing

vRBS is easy to use book a roomin quick processing and alo has service on having billing for relavent in easier manner.

Print customizable Invoice


vRBS is easier way to take an specific action with hardcopy printing invoice process is updated.

GST compliant invoicing

GST compliant invoicing

vRBS can make an esay and fast step to process in a Bill a GST invoicing process.

Freindly User interface

User Interface

vRBS software delivers features needed in today’s Business Environment in a clear and user-friendly way.


Room Booking Software is a on-premises solution allowing you to run your property and easily manage your daily tasks.

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