Softvent’s vPOS Textile software keeps a record of store inventory and updates it when an order is processed. It allows users to input via keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner.

At the checkout, you can either input the sales item manually or use a bar code scanner. The software will look up the item in the inventory and bring up the price. It can also calculate tax on the item and change to be returned to the customer.

can print out receipts and reports. It makes your business accounting a lot easier by creating reports on inventory, sales, customers, etc. Since it is already recording each sale, it can easily show the sales and revenue for the day.



BarCode System

Bar code

vPOS is easy to use inbulid barcode for scanning an product to make payment on here in easier manner.

Purchase Billing


vPOS can make an esay and fast step to process in a billing process.

Print Bill Invoice


vPOS is easier way to take an specific action with hardcopy printing invoice process is updated.

TAX Maintanace


Maintaining tax details at the prefer time for business.

Freindly interface

User Interface

vPOS software delivers features needed in today’s Business Environment in a clear and user-friendly way.

Rigid Acess

Rigid Acess

vPOS, in its easier to acess for connected device intgrated on system.


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