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Softvent® is a fast growing company with clients in the India and Middle East. We have learnt to Marshall our people, technical and infrastructure assets to provide customers with an appropriate blend of offshore outsourcing strategies. We are proud to say that all the customers that we have ever worked with have entrusted us with numerous repeated engagements.

One of the most significant advantages that we have had by being in India's Silicon Valley (Bangalore) is being able to deliver quality solutions using a talented pool of software engineers. This has enabled us to produce solutions that match global standards at a very affordable price.

We believe that creation of high quality software is a blend of creative thinking and rigorous implementation. Driven by our mission to deliver high quality development solutions, the foundation of Softvent is a set of core values that are intrinsically woven into every aspect of its operations.

  • To ensure the delivery of best quality products and services by establishing and maintaining strict quality control procedures.
  • Enhance and maintain superior technical and environmental infrastructure to increase productivity.
  • To strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by being attentive towards the customers technical requirements and cultural expectations.
  • To respect our fellow teams members and recognize their commitment and expertise.
  • To promote innovation, flexibility, and constantly improve.


Our singular vision is to be The BEST Application Solutions Providers in the Globe and spread SOFTVENT products to as many countries as possible. Softvent invests heavily on its people and R&D and that has been one of the factors why its range of products is matchless.


"To achieve our Goals in the Industry, we adhere to honesty, courtesy towards our clients, employees, and vendors at large."


“Technology which keeps you ahead" has always been our motto… Our goal is to provide comprehensive business solutions to help achieve your business objectives completely.


Complete Business Solution for ERP

ERP - Modules

  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Job work
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Quality Contol
  • Finance
  • Reports

Best Suited for MRP Outlets


  • Products Management
  • Indent Preparation to KSBCL
  • Barcode Billing
  • Document Level Security
  • Label/Envelope printing
  • Bulk updates
  • Linked to tally
  • Web Interface

Point-Of-Sale Restaurant

Complete POS Solution for Restaurant


  • Multilevel Pricing
  • KOT Segregation
  • KOT through tablets
  • Auto Backup Management
  • Supports Touchscreen
  • Receipe/Inventory Management
  • Link to Tally
  • Track Inventory and Sales

Point-Of-Sale Textiles

Complete Business Solution for Textiles


  • Barcode Billing
  • User Sceurity
  • Data Export to excel
  • Ledger/Resource Management
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Backup and restore data
  • Link to Tally
  • Receipts printing


Temple Management Software

Powered by Intellect Driven by Values

Seva Master for creating any number of Sevas, Archana’s, Homas, etc.

Sannidhi details for have multiple Sannidhi in the same premises.

Details for creating multiple Festivals/Events.


Payroll Management System

Your NXt generation of Payment System

"Comprehensive solution for today’s demanding world of payroll. "

Expertise Areas

Our Technical team has more than two decade of experience in multiple Business verticals like Manufacturing, Inventory Handling, POS for Restaurants, MRP outlets, Trading, Billing, Providing Web Solutions, Website Designing and many more…

Project Management the tool-sets

Microsoft Project


Source Code Control

Visual Source Safe

Visual SVN

Task Management & PIM

Outlook 365


Creative Expertise


Adobe Photoshop 5.0

Macromedia Flash 3.0

Css 3

Bootstrap 3.7

Corel Draw

Sound Forge

Quality Assurance and Control tools


InetLoad 2.0


Inetmonitor 3.0

Bobby 3.0

Web Test Track


Meet Out Leadership Team

Kumar Naidu


To achieve our Goals in the Industry, we adhere to honesty, courtesy towards our clients, employees, and vendors at large.


Tech Head

With experienced staff across the Globe, Softvent has already dealt with a wide range of circumstances affecting our potential clients.

Krishnaveni Bharadwaj

Customer Relation & Business Development-Head

Fulfilling the customer requirements has been our top priority.We abide to our customers demands by providing the optimal solution.

Thangam Urkavalan

Developer – Project Manager

Kota Praveen

Creative Web-Designer

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